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During a class, a young mother shared with tears that she had been abused and abandoned by her husband. She had a young son, but felt like she couldn’t love him. She said that she hated him because he reminded her of her husband.

After taking the course, she said that she realized she could raise her son differently—he didn’t have to grow up to be abusive like his father. She felt like she was able to love her son and have hope for his future.

“I am very happy that I had a chance to attend this workshop. I really like what is taught in the training. We learned that we need to spend time with our children, listen to them, and speak to them. Traditionally, in a family, the father is a decision maker and he will not allow his wife and children to talk and make decisions. Whatever we do in our family, we do the same thing in our church. Since we do not listen to each other in our family, when we work in our church or association, we do not listen to each other. We do not let people get involved in decision-making. This creates many problems. Actually, strengthening the family is a blessing not only for the family, but also for our church, our organization, and our country. Sometimes, we said that we want a better association or a better church, but we can do it by strengthening the family.”

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Young father sitting on motorbike with young child on his lap

“Many people said that teaching children by beating them (or using a stick) is not good for them. But I have never heard how to teach children (without beating them).

I am so happy that I learned many ways (techniques) to teach and instruct children without using sticks in this workshop. I’ve wanted to learn this lesson since many years ago.”

“I like all lessons, but the most important lesson for me is Praising. I never praised my children when they do good. For example, when my daughter fixed clothes for me…instead of saying, “Thank you.” I said, “Eldest Daughter, you didn’t clean up after sewing, you made a mess here. You have to clean this room.” When my second daughter cooked rice, instead of saying, “Thank you,” I said, “Why didn’t you make curry for us? You also need to make chili curry.” I have no habit of saying thank you to my children.

In this workshop, I learned about good parenting styles, I am very happy for that.”

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“Some parents report that when they start giving praise and affirmation to their children, their children start to do it back to them. For some of them, it is the first time they’ve been given praise.

One man said that his wife attended a SCFP class. Afterwards, she praised him and it felt like he had gotten malaria goosebumps!”